Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH)

665 West Lancaster BLVD Lancaster, CA 93534 (Corner of Ehrlich Ave. and Lancaster BLVD)

Founded in 1986, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History is dedicated to advancing an appreciation of art and history in the Antelope Valley. Operating two sites-the Museum of Art and History and the Western Hotel Museum-Lancaster MOAH is not only a repository for historical artifacts important to preserving the unique character of the Antelope Valley, but also a place where audiences-residents and visitors alike-may experience exhibitions of fine art and participate in a variety of art and history-based programs.  

Learning is at the core of Lancaster MOAH's mission. Collecting, exhibitions and programs are all undertaken in an effort to provide to the residents of the Antelope Valley a way of integrating art and history into their lives and taking away the lessons that these disciplines have to offer. By presenting quality exhibitions and programs as well as through the proper care and preservation of works of art and artifacts relating the history and culture of the Antelope Valley, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History is a center for art and historical engagement in the Antelope Valley.  

The museum's exhibition program is diverse, offering a range of displays for all age groups. Exhibitions of dinosaur fossils and ancient Egyptian mummies have delighted children, while the presentation of artworks by artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Rembrandt and Chagall have appealed to adults. Exhibitions that are especially relevant to the Antelope Valley have included shows on aircraft and space travel as well as displays on the industries and natural resources that built the area. For artists, the museum hosts an Annual Juried All-Media Art Exhibition and Annual High School Student Exhibition. Increasingly, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History is presenting exhibitions to the residents of the Antelope Valley that feature works by regional, national and internationally renowned artists.  

Permanent Collection  

In its early collecting, Lancaster MOAH focused primarily on artifacts, documents and photographs that related to the cultural and development history of the Antelope Valley, local historical figures and prominent Lancaster residents. Over time, the collection developed strengths in artifacts and documents pertaining to important industries to the Antelope Valley. Some of the most important and valuable collections in terms of information remain the historical newspapers, documents, photographs and glass plate negatives. Represented in the art collection are a number of paintings and works on paper by Antelope Valley artists as well as many works by Southern California artists. Significant holdings include works by Hans Burkhardt, Charles La Monk and Doug Oliver. Lancaster MOAH is focused on further developing its collection of artwork as well as continuing to collect representative objects and documents pertinent to the history of the Antelope Valley.

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