Aerospace Murals on The BLVD

Man has been streaking across the skies of Lancaster for the better of a century. But only in the last two decades has the City of Lancaster set aside a time and place to recognize the accomplishes of an extraordinary group of aviators and astronauts. Several murals have been placed along The BLVD to commemorate and recognize accomplished astronauts and test pilots who have served at Edwards Air Force Base. These brave men and women have pushed the envelope by traveling faster, higher and farther than anyone before them. They have risked their lives, and sometimes given them, to further our understanding of air and space. The Aerospace Murals are apart of the Aerospace Walk of Honor commemoration along The BLVD.

General James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle

Known as the Master of "calculated risk" applying skill and science to pull off feats that seemed reckless and daring to others, James Doolittle was once one of the most famous celebrities in America. When he participated in a Los Angeles bond drive campaign, more than a million people lined La Cienega Boulevard from the airport to the Hollywood Bowl to welcome the returning hometown World War II hero. Today, he remains one of the most remarkable individuals of the 20th century!

Brigadier General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager

Charles Yeager, "the fastest man alive," "the guy with the right stuff," "Mr. Supersonic," logged over 10,000 hours in 180 different military aircraft, including foreign and experimental aircraft. Yeager's pioneering career in supersonic flight began in July 1945 when he received orders to the Army Air Force's Flight Test Branch at Wright Field. In 1947, Yeager, piloting the X-1, broke Mach 1 at Edwards AFB. He remains one of the best test pilots the World has ever seen!

Major General Joe H. Engle

Joe Engle, one of the most experiences aviators to become an astronaut, was a key person in the development and implementation of America's Space Shuttle program. He flew as a hypersonic research aircraft test pilot for nearly 30 years. He piloted 16 flights in the X-15, reaching Mach 5.71, and an altitude of 280,600 feet, and qualified for astronaut wings on three flights exceeding 50-mile altitudes. An instrumental person in the development of the Space Shuttle, Engle remains on of best!

Colonel William J. "Pete" Knight

William Knight was a combat pilot, test pilot, astronaut and U.S. politician. He was one of four Air Force pilots selected to pilot the Dyna Soar (X-20) aircraft, in the first Air Force space program. He was also one of eight X-15 pilots to earn his astronaut wings by flying an airplane in space 280,000 feet. Knight has served as a councilmember, mayor, assemblymen, and senator before passing away in 2004. Pete Knight is still idealized today in the Antelope Valley for his accomplishments and achievements throughout his career.

Take a stroll down The BLVD and enjoy these beautiful murals and aerospace honorees. You can also check out the Aerospace Walk of Honor, which also recognized distinguished aviators!

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