Culture & History

The City of Lancaster is surrounded by two major mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada on the east and the San Gabriel range on the west. The first known inhabitants of the Antelope Valley were the Piute Indians, a branch of the Mojave tribe from which the Mojave Dessert takes its name. 

In the 1930s the airplane became an important part of the Antelope Valley's economy as the U.S. Army Air Corps began testing operations at Muroc Dry Lake which is now a part of the Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Center. Edwards Air Force Base was selected as the landing site of the first manned space shuttle, the COLUMBIA.

Lancaster is comprised of an array of cultural and historical landmarks, each defining a piece of the city's past. The Western Hotel is one of the most visible historical landmarks; built in 1888, the hotel currently stands as Lancaster's oldest surviving structure. The community has preserved these landmarks throughout the years, allowing tourists and locals to experience the extensive history first hand!From tours of Blackbird Airpark to a visit to the Antelope Valley Indian Museum, you are sure to find rich history here in Lancaster, California!

Lancaster Highlights