Only in the AV

Destination Lancaster is home to various unique attractions that can only be found here including the Lancaster Musical Road, Blackbird Airpark, Aerospace Walk of Honor and more! We invite you to explore the Antelope Valley and experience those things that you can find #OnlyInTheAV. Here are just a few of our favorites.  Happy Travels!

The Lancaster Musical RoadAttractions - Musical RoadDestination Lancaster is home to the Lancaster Musical Road one ofthe very few Musical Roads in the world. Special grooves etched into the pavment allow any auto to hum along to the William Tell Overture aka The Lone Ranger theme. Learn more about the Lancaster Musical Road by clicking on the link above

Aerospace Walk of Honoraero-walk-cropped.jpgIn recognition to EdwardsAir Force Base test pilots, the Aerospace Walk of Honor was established. Thesemonuments are placed along Lancaster's Blvd. Walk along The Blvd and spot one or more of these tributes. The Aerospace walk of Honor distinguishes 100 brave test pilots. 

Antelope Valley CA Poppy ReservePoppy Fields HeaderVisitors from across the world flock to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to catch a glimpse of these fleeting wildflowers and see firsthand what photos alone simply can't do justice. Being in full bloom mid-April, the California Poppies display breathtaking blankets of bright orange at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. Learn more by clicking on the poppy picture above. 

Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic ParkIndian-Museum-cropped.jpgStanding snuglyamong the majestic of the Shoshonean granite outcroppings of Piute Butte, the Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Park displays artifacts of the American Indian groups of three major cultural regions - the Southwest, the Great Basin and California. Click on the link to learn more about the folk art construction of this one-of-a-kind building -listed on the National Register of Historic Places - and the miles of outdoor walking trails.

Joe Davies Heritage Airpark Lancaster-Palm-Airpark-01.jpgJoe Davies Heritage Airpark is home to a large collection of historic aircraft, including a B-52 and the 747 used to transport space shuttles. The airpark is located adjacent to the Blackbird Airpark which makes it easy for visitors to explore both parks in the same afternoon. Learn more about the Joe Davies Heritage Park by clicking on the link above.

Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH)MOAH2.JPGWhile strikingly contemporary, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History - also known as theMOAH - is strongly rooted in its community - blending avant-garde artwork and native antiquities. MOAH features rotating exhibits and nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. It's iconic glass tower is easily recognized and identified as the heart of the BLVD.  

Western Hotel Museum Western-cropped.jpgThe Western HotelMuseum plays host to permanent displays of historical artifacts of the Antelope Valley. Most of theseobjects, ranging from Native American stone tools to old miningequipment, to photographs of well-known Lancaster residents have beendonated by members of the public. While visiting, make sure to head to the backyard where you will see the footprints of Judy Garland, one of Lancaster, CA's most famous residents. 

Edwards Airforce Baseedwards.jpgEdwards Air Force Base (EAFB) is the home of the Air Force Test Center and is the Air Force Materiel Command Center of Excellence. Edwards AFB is also home to three airparks/museums including the Air Force Flight Test Museum (located on base) and Century Circle (located off base). Click on the picture above for more information about Edwards Air Force Base.   

Blackbird Airpark Blackbird-A2 (1).JPGBlackbird Airpark, an annex of the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards Air Force Base, is the world's only display of a Lockheed SR-71A together with its predecessor A-12, along with the once ultra-secret D-21 drone and the only remaining U-2 "D" model in the world. Learn more about the Blackbird Airpark by clicking on the link above.

Willow Spring RacewayWillow-srings-raceway.jpgWillow Springs International Raceway is a super-fast 2.5-mile / nine-turn road racing circuit, patterned after the great courses and road racing traditions of Europe, and is unchanged from its original 1953 configuration. With its substantial elevation changes and high average speeds, Willow Springs is one of the fastest and most challenging tracks in the country. Also known as the Fastest Road in the West, this track is one of the safest road courses in the world, despite its high velocities. Cornering speeds on this track range from about 70 mph to over 170 mph, with straightaway speeds nearing 200 mph possible with fastest cars and motorcycles.