Kudos to Lancaster
"Congratulations to Lancaster for all you are doing and offering to your residents. I think the events you have and the new BLVD are important, especially in these difficult economic times when residents need things like this to offer some type of entertainment and quality of life in their community. I especially like the focus Lancaster is providing on the performing and visual arts"
- Lee Rushton

Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix
"It was a great event! I am so proud of our Mayor and the City of Lancaster for making such positive changes to our city in the last couple of years. With the revitalization of the BLVD, I can now say this is a great place to enjoy with your family!"
- Melissa Medlin Gomez

25 Years of Progress
"Lancaster has seen many positive changes in the past quarter century since its incorporation in 1977. These changes have been the result of sound leadership working jointly with a concerned citizenry. We have reason to be proud of our City."
- Mayor Frank C. Roberts (Former Mayor)

Family Activities
"When I wanted to take my children on a family outing back in 1977, I couldn't take them to live theater or museums or even a baseball game unless I went out of town. Now I can offer my grandchildren lots of choices."
- Dave Hines

Our Children, Our Future
" Our most valuable asset in realizing a great future is our children. Lancaster has built excellence into all its programs and facilities to ensure their success."
- Jean Varden, Educator