Old Town Tehachapi

  • W Tehachapi Blvd
  • Tehachapi, CA 93561

On or about the year 1849 there was a sudden profound expansion of new opportunities in California after gold was discovered in them thar hills; the same hills soon to be known as the Tehachapi Hills and on into the Mountains reaching northward to the Sierras. In the 1860's the downtown area of Tehachai was first named 'Williamsburg' and another nearby part of Downtown was called 'Greenwich'.The excitement of new found wealth, jobs and optimism drew hordes of people to this territory. The people of Willamsburg built homes, opened businesses, joined on with local mining crews, created farms, grew crops and settled in to raise their Families. Much of the activity centered around what we now call 'Old Town', and as the streets were named, one street was designated as 'Tehachapa street'; an Indian word meaning 'sweet water and acorns'. Others claim the name Tehachapi is derived from the Indian word 'tah-eechay-pah', meaning 'Oak Flat with springs'. Officially, in 1876, the names of Willamsburg and Greenwich were formally changed to the name of 'Tehachapi'.