Jackson Lake Loop with Pinyon Ridge Option

  • Big Pines Hwy
  • Valyermo, CA 93563

This is a moderately strenuous trail With a 11 i1d 1,1 technical single-track; 2500' gain/loss. Jackson Lake a beautiful lake located on the northern slope of the San Gabriel Mountains, but at an elevation that precludes winter riding due to the snowfall in this area. Views of the Mojave Desert to the north are fabulous and the terrain is the beautiful Angeles Forrest. Getting there: Take Hwy 14 south to Pearblossom Hwy which connect with Hwy 138. Take Hwy138 east to Pearblossom and turn right on Longview Road. Within a half a mile turn left on Valyermo Road and follow it south past the ranger station where it forks with Big Rock Creek Road. Here Valyermo Road turns left away from Big Rock Creek Road and turns into Big Pines Hwy. Proceed on Big Pines Hwy about 3.5 miles to Jackson Lake parking on the right. Route: Follow the parking entrance back out toward Big Pines Hwy and just before the Hwy find the dirt cutoff to the left. Take this path under the Oaks to fire road 4N12. Follow this dirt road through the organization camp and start the climb. At 2.7 miles you will reach a Y intersection, go right on 4N56 to Pinyon Ridge ( at about 6.9 mi). Turn around and come back to the Y and go right on 4N12. At 12.4 mi. keep left at the intersection. In about another mile you'll come to another fork so take a hard left onto 3N26. At 13.2 miles you reach a trail on your left and this is a 3 mile single-track that takes you back to Jackson Lake.