Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center

  • Red Box Forest Route 2N24
  • La Cañada-Flintridge, California 91011

The Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center is the realization of a dream of many people in the greater Los Angeles area. It is a center where Native American people can gather to share their culture, their history, their heritage, and their dreams with their families, their brothers and sisters from other Native groups and with the general public of Los Angeles. It is a center where the First People of this land – the Gabrielino/Tongva, the Chumash, the Fernandeño Tataviam, the Kitanemuk and the Serrano can share their knowledge of the ways given to them to care for this land, to honor it, and to keep it renewed for us all to experience and enjoy. It is a center where the Indian People relocated from their lands can once again touch the earth, feel the wind, listen for the sound of our wild brothers and sisters — the animals and birds — and smell the fragrance of native plants. We welcome all visitors who share this yearning for a connection to the mountains and a thirst for the knowledge and understanding of Native Ways. Haramokngna sits on Red Box Saddle – the first resting spot on the trek from the sea to the desert. The people came here to gather the bounty of the mountains – the pine trees and pine nuts, the bay laurel, the black oak acorns; to trade with people from other areas of California; and to come together to renew family ties, trade songs, stories, gossip, and meet eligible youth from the other side of the mountains. Haramokngna opened in 1998 with a special use permit from the National Forest, in a former fire station. The front building was converted into exhibit space that tells the story of the Five Tribes of the San Gabriel Mountains: the Tongva, the Chumash, the Tataviam, the Kitanemuk and the Serrano. These five tribes are explored in their pre-contact relationships with the land and with each other via the trade routes through these mountains. The Center is open seasonally, from Spring-Fall, on Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm, and during weekdays by appointment.