Club Ed Movie Set

  • 150th Street East
  • Lancaster, CA 93535

Welcome to Club Ed...Originally a movie set built in 1990 for the movie Eye of the Storm with Dennis Hopper, it now rests as a lost world of classic Americana. The main structures of the set include an American dinner, gas station, auto parts shop, and a motel with a pool--all designed to look like it was from the 1940's-50's. Many photographers, directors and celebrities like Mick Jagger, Ridley Scott, Martin Lawrence, and Tim Robbins (to name a few) have all enjoyed the look and feel of Club Ed, as well as the endless shooting angles and untouched desert surrounding the set. 90 acres of desert, landscape, butte, and dune. Roadside dinner, motel gas station and auto parts shop. 26 feet of heated outdoor swimming pool. All in one location just an hour North of Los Angeles in Lancaster, CA.