Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park

  • 200th St W And Lancaster Rd
  • West Of Lancaster, CA 93536

Ripley Desert Woodland State Park is located just west of the Poppy Reserve on Lancaster Road at 210th Street west. Donated to the State by Arthur "Archie" Ripley, the park protects and preserves an impressive stand of native Joshuas and Junipers which once grew in great abundance throughout the valley. The Joshua tree is classified as part of the lily family because during the early spring months, blossoms bloom for the end of the branches. With each week these blossoms get bigger and bigger. The blooms last for a few months; an utter display of pure stately beauty. For your enjoyment, the park features a picnic table and self-guided nature trail, with information about the desert wildflowers and animals of the Ripley Desert Woodlands. This a fun rail with little to no elevations. There are also pit toilets available in case you find yourself drinking too much water. For all the dog lovers, you can have your dogs on leash when going on the trail for their protection.