Movers and Makers at MOAH

Movers and Makers Exhibition February 11, 2017 - April 16, 2017

Exhibition Calendar for 2017

In an age where technology is king and art-making is rarely executed by human hands, Movers and Makers showcases the work of a group of artists who go against the grain in their refusal to outsource their practice to machines. Featuring a broad array of objects from the rock n’ roll footwear of Chris Francis to the iconic Lucite furniture of Charles Hollis Jones, Movers and Makers celebrates the craftsmanship that distinguishes these individuals among their peers. Other exhibiting artists include: David Jang, Lisa Schulte, Lori Cozen-Geller, Sedi Pak and Terry Cervantes.

Charles Hollis Jones

Chris Francis

David Jang

Lisa Bartleson

Lori Cozen-Geller

Sedi Pak

Terry Cervantes

Movers and Makers at MOAH
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