The BLVD Listed as One of the "Top 10" Prettiest, Coolest, Most Charming Main Streets along US Route 6

Writer's Chronicles Journey Along US Route 6 Including Visit to Lancaster

LANCASTER, CA. October 26, 2011 - The City of Lancaster and its newly revitalized downtown BLVD development continue to attract visitors from all walks of life.  Earlier this year, travel writer Malerie Yolen-Cohen traveled the original 3,652 miles of historic US Route 6 from Provincetown, MA to Long Beach, CA, finishing the last leg of her trip with an overnight stop in Lancaster.

"We're all very proud to see The BLVD included amongst the top 10 of the prettiest, coolest, most charming main streets on US Route 6," exclaimed Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.  "The BLVD has surpassed my wildest dreams in less than a year, and you know what, you haven't seen anything yet. Early next year we'll open our new Museum and Art Gallery, which is going to immediately begin attracting even more people to our great city."

 Cohen, a magazine and newspaper feature travel writer, with credits in National Geographic Traveler, Newsday, Sierra, Paddler, Ladies Home Journal, and many other publications, spent six weeks traversing the country on US Route 6.  Keeping a blog that served as her travelogue, she's compiling her experiences for an upcoming US Route 6 Guidebook. 

US Route 6 is the longest contiguous transcontinental route in the nation traversing 14 states while it winds through Revolutionary War sites, pioneer settlements, western mining towns and sunny Lancaster, CA.  

"Route 6 offers an in-depth lesson in US History, charms of yesteryear and comforts of modern times," said Malerie Yolen-Cohen.  "Feathery foliage, parking nooks, cool restaurants, playground, shops and (soon-to-be-opened) art/history museum has rendered Lancaster's newly renovated BLVD a pedestrian-friendly hangout."